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Your Story Matters

At Eye Clinic of Wisconsin, we love helping improve your vision. From routine eye exams to eye surgery and treatments to the region’s leading optical team, our goal is better vision for you and your family. And the best part? … Continue reading

ecLASIK Lifetime Enhancement Policy

We’ve just made ecLASIK even better!! The Eye Clinic of Wisconsin now backs ecLASIK, the region’s premier laser vision correction procedure, with an optional Lifetime Enhancement Policy. Qualifying patients who choose the Lifetime Enhancement option are secure in knowing that, … Continue reading

More Benefit With Advances In ecLASIK

Thousands of people have benefitted from ecLASIK.  But there have always been some who couldn’t benefit.  The surgery was once off-limits to people with thin corneas, dry eye and prescriptions in higher ranges. Now, however, thanks to advances in technology … Continue reading

3 Life-Changing Events

Three events that people consistently rate as the most life-changing. 1 Marriage When I becomes we after you join your life to that of another person, it’s a radical reorientation of your entire approach to life. 2 Kids Nothing turns … Continue reading

LASIK Now An Option For Many More People

Now is the time. Laser Vision Correction, commonly referred to as LASIK, has become one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the United States today. And with the advances made to each step of the LASIK process, there has … Continue reading