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Eye Clinic of Wisconsin Launches Pre-registration Process

Posted by ecwadmin on February 20, 2024 in General.

The Eye Clinic of Wisconsin wants to make your visit with us the best experience possible. In an effort to reduce clinic wait times, you may receive a call prior to your appointment to start the pre-registration process. This process will collect relevant patient information in advance, shortening the time you will need to be in the facility.

Will all patients receive a call to complete pre-registration: In some situations, patients will not receive a pre-registration call as their most up-to-date information is already recorded.

What information will be collected: Similar to the patient intake process at the facility, the practice captures clinical data, health history, and other information relevant to the patient’s upcoming appointment.

I received forms to complete online, do I have to answer questions by phone too: Yes, each set of data collection questions is an important part of the patient intake process.