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iStent: New Advancement for People with Mild to Moderate Open-Angle Glaucoma

Posted by ecwadmin on June 25, 2013 in Glaucoma, Health.

New Advancement for People with Mild to Moderate Open-Angle Glaucoma to Help Reduce the Need for Eye Drops

The Eye Clinic of Wisconsin has always stayed on the forefront of technology in eye care.  Today, almost every aspect of vision is connected to a product or procedure that wasn’t available even 10 years ago.  The newest example of this is the use of the iStent which makes treating glaucoma part of treating your cataract.

iStent is the first FDA approved device that improves your eye’s natural fluid outflow to safely lower eye pressure. Proven safe and effective, the iStent is the smallest medical device ever approved by the FDA. It is placed in your eye during cataract surgery and is so small that you won’t be able to see or feel it after the procedure is over. iStent is designed to create a permanent opening in your trabecular meshwork, and works continuously to improve the outflow of fluid from your eyes to help control eye pressure.

Doctors at the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin began performing this procedure in combination with cataract surgery this year.  Dr. Matthew Hattenhauer, Dr. Christopher Kucharski, Dr. Calvin Sprik, and Dr. Douglas Edwards are trained in this procedure.

“We are pleased to be able to offer this new technology to patients in North Central Wisconsin.  The Eye Clinic of Wisconsin is one of the first providers in the area to perform this procedure.” Dr. Douglas Edwards

Once implanted, iStent will begin working to safely and effectively manage your eye pressure.  It may help to reduce your dependency on glaucoma medications.

If iStent sounds like something you are interested in, talk to your eye care provider or call the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin at 800.472.0033.